Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions we get asked most often. If anything else comes to mind, don't hesitate, Contact Us.

1. What kind of services does Umlaut Audio offer?

We offer CUSTOM SOUND DESIGN and CUSTOM SOFTWARE INSTRUMENTS hosted in Native Instruments Kontakt. We can either use sounds provided by you (our client), create original sounds, or both.

2. What is Kontakt?

Kontakt is a software sampler created by Native Instruments. Its flexibility, customization options, and sampling framework allows us to realize endless possibilities for control, sample management, and FX chains.

3. What kind of sounds do you specialize in?

Our sound design team is capable of creating sounds from acoustic sources, synthesis, or a hybrid of both. From rich pads and drones to pulses, beats, and tickers, your unique sound library is created from scratch with your creative vision leading the way.

4. Who are your clients?

Our clients are typically film, television, and game composers. However we are always enthusiastic to work with professionals in other industries, such as advertising specialists, songwriters, musicians, and producers.

5. What are your pricing options?

We offer several pricing options that are tailored to your project's needs. These include non-exclusive, semi-exclusive, and exclusive (Buy-Out) contracts for all sound design and software instrument work. To learn more about our pricing options, please click here.

6. Can I listen to samples of your work?

We have tutorials available online here. Keep in mind that we provide custom sound design services, so these samples and instruments do not represent the entire spectrum of our diverse sound design production.

7. How does it work?

Check out our Tutorial Videos and see for yourself! If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot us an email.

8. I have custom sounds that I recorded myself, is it possible to implement these?

Of course! If you want to explore different ways to realize your recordings, work with an optimized user interface, or add new sound FX, we are always happy to discuss your ideas and bring new life to your samples. Let's get started!

9. My sound files are not edited or labeled, can I still send them to you for you to create my own Instrument?

No problem! Our team follows strict procedures for naming conventions, metadata, and audio editing. Let's get started!

10. Why should I use your service rather than buying a commercial sound library?

When you use commercial sound libraries (or software instruments), all other buyers have access to the included sounds. At Umlaut Audio, we offer a unique palette of sound that is customized to your project, workflow, and personal taste. Our team can create a sound design toolkit for you that allows you to stand out amongst the commercial sound libraries with original sounds.

11. What's the typical material that Composers buy?

Common packages include pads, drones, soundscapes, rhythmic loops, beat-driven sound design, impulses, arpeggiated synths, and one-shot sound effects. We always enjoy a new challenge – contact us with your ideas even if they don't fall into the typical categories.

12. What does “Umlaut” mean?

The word “Umlaut” describes a sound-change process. It is a diacritical mark (two dots) placed over a vowel (e.g. Jünger will change to Juenger) in German to indicate a change in sound. (German, from um (around) + laut (sound)).

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