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UNIQUE Kontakt Instruments CRAFTED exclusively FOR YOU

" The folks at Umlaut have the ability to translate your unique sonic imaginations into mind-boggling sonorities that help you stand out from the scoring crowd. "
Matthias Weber
A Day For A Miracle, Maximilian
“ The Team at Umlaut Audio created beautiful Kontakt instruments that became an essential part of my template. Their creativity in designing the interface gave the samples another dimension. ”
Kazuma Jinnouchi
Halo 5: Guardians, Metal Gear Solid
" Umlaut's software has proved to be one of my most valuable tools when composing and creating. The sound quality and it's user friendly features makes it an essential part of my everyday creative process. "
Antonio Sanchez
Birdman, Pat Metheny Group
" Umlaut Audio performs on a really high level and through a wonderful creative exchange we found unique worlds of sounds. "
Martin Todsharow
Kokowääh, Honig im Kopf
" I've loved working with Umlaut. They're terrific at what they do and ever-smiling while they do it (which is really amazing considering how immensely CREEPY the sounds we were making were)! "
Austin Wintory
Journey, The Banner Saga, Abzu
" Umlaut has been a consistent go-to for me when I need customized libraries. They are always committed to my aesthetic and deliver products that exceed my expectations under what are extremely tight deadlines. "
James Levine
Glee, Bloodline, American Horror Story
" With meticulous scripting, the Umlaut Audio team faithfully translated our Japanese instrument expertise into a unique software instrument. "

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