Harry Gregson-Williams

The Martian, Shrek Series

"Umlaut constantly provides me with a wealth of inspiring and entirely usable pad sounds, drones and atmospheres, which can be easily layered into my music."

Tony Morales

Bloodline, Scorpion

"Umlaut Audio has been a true revelation for me. The opportunity to have them create a custom instrument that helps to streamline my writing process has been a game changer."

Martin Todsharow

Kokowääh, Honig im Kopf

"Umlaut Audio performs on a really high level - inspirational and through a wonderful creative exchange we found unique worlds of sounds."

James Levine

Bloodline, American Horror Story

"Umlaut has been a consistent go-to for me when I need customized libraries. They are always committed to my aesthetic and deliver products that exceed my expectations under what are extremely tight deadlines."

John Debney

The Jungle Book, Iron Man 2

"Umlaut has made it easy and straightforward to take some of the fundamental elements of sampling and mold them to your creative vision."

Austin Wintory

Journey, The Banner Saga, Abzu

"I've loved working with Umlaut. They're terrific at what they do and ever-smiling while they do it (which is really amazing considering how immensely CREEPY the sounds we were making were)!"

Matthias Weber

A Day For A Miracle, Maximilian

"The folks at Umlaut surely have the ability to translate your unique sonic imaginations into mind-boggling sonorities that help you stand out from the scoring crowd."

John Ottman

Superman Returns, X-Men

"I am having a really great time working with the instruments. They are extremely intuitive and a wonderful addition to my arsenal of sound tools."

Raf Keunen

The Drop, Raicer and the Jailbird

"The instrument's sounds are so unique, organic and usable in such a variety of genres and styles.They're often the first plugins I open on new projects."


Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem

"With PADS, I lost my mind! The rich sounds are amazing and so worth having in every creator's workflow!"

Steve Willaert

De Bunker, Resurrection

"Working with Umlaut has been an absolute treat! I sent them my wish list and a full blown library came back, packed with thrilling, fresh sounds and loops, all very inspiring and it pushed my writing into a new direction."

Theodore Shapiro

Zoolander 2, Collateral Beauty

“They built me a fantastic, unique Kontakt instrument that was an ideal embodiment of what I was after.“

Antonio Sanchez


"Umlaut's software has proved to be one of my most valuable tools when composting and creating. The sound quality and it's user friendly features makes it an essential part of my everyday creative process."

Oscar Flores

Jurassic World, Call of Duty

“By delivering super high quality instruments that have a sleek interface and are flexible and easy to use, Umlaut Audio is surely standing out from the crowd.”


Solace, Dark Places

"I am blown away. A truly creative and versatile instrument with a radical design approach!“

Jeff Cardoni

CSI: Miami, Silicon Valley, The League

"With PADS, Umlaut Audio has really shown that they are capable of providing a visually stunning, yet minimalist instrument that you can quickly understand and dive right in to create your own unique sound.“

Kazuma Jinnouchi

Halo 4, Halo 5, Metal Gear Solid

“The Team at Umlaut Audio created beautiful Kontakt Instruments with the samples I’ve developed over the years, and they have become an essential part of my template. Their creativity in designing the instrument gave the samples another dimension.”

Tyler Bates

Guardians of the Galaxy, Marilyn Manson

"Their user-friendly interfaces are intuitive, making their plugins simple to use. The arpeggiator is so fun."

Haim Mazar

I am Wrath, Deported

“I loved working with the Umlaut team, It’s great to be able to describe what I need in a few words and have them create a sound pallet that is both cinematic and fitting for the film’s needs."

Inon Zur

Fallout, Prince of Persia

“I had decided to share some of my most unique sounds and samples with Umlaut Audio, so they can create for me a dedicated player. I was so very impressed with what they came up with! They are true artists!"

Chris Lennertz

Agent Carter, Horrible Bosses, RideAlong

“Their attention to detail and amazing collaboration has helped me immensely in delivering the highest quality work possible."

Antonio Pinto

Shot Caller, Amy

"Umlaut came up with really inspiring material that I've used a lot in my scores."

Jack Wall

Call Of Duty, Mass Effect

"I love the people at Umlaut. They always endeavor to deliver what I need when I need it.”

Steffan Fantini

Criminal Minds

"I purchased the custom looper and gave them an idea of the type of loops I needed for these particular projects. I quickly received many options that were immediately inspiring and integrated perfectly into my workflow."