uBEAT on Ask Audio's Best Of 2016 Kontakt Instruments.

More Than Just Some Pretty Sounds. Ask.Audio have announced uBEAT as one of the best Kontakt Instruments of 2016.

"We are really impressed. It’s a very powerful drum library featuring three excellent Kontakt instruments that act as both interfaces, guides and players for a sound collection that is absolutely worth way more than what they are selling it for." 

"Not only do you get a large supply of electro and hip-hop kits, but you also get MIDI files to go along with each kit, in turn. This makes uBEAT a package that would be great for beginner, and pro-level, alike..." 

"I really was impressed with uBEAT, and intend continuing drumming away with it for some time. It’s got a very current sound that really feels right for what I’m doing, in terms of Electro, and Hip-Hop hybrid sounds of my own. And, it gives you enough individual control over each drum that you can quickly tailor any kit within the collection to suit many sounds like pop, film, EDM, Trance, House, Hip-Hop, Trap, Dubstep, and more." 

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Posted on:

August 19, 2022