Bedroom Producers Blog Review PADS & ARPS

John Marsh of Bedroom Producers Blog took a deep dive into our PADS & ARPS engines and broke down their functionality as well as explored some creative possibilities in their extensive review.

"ARPS is one of those wonderful virtual instruments that appear simple, basic, and limited, yet offers incredibly vast sound creation capabilities."

"This isn’t a falsely padded (if you’ll excuse the pun) library of sounds, where maybe five are useable in music, and the rest is a collection of fun and interesting robot sounds but musically useless. PADS is crammed full with well made, instantly useable sample material. There are no dead spots here; every setting is worth checking out."

"I am massively impressed by both ARPS and PADS. Normally, if I tested a plugin so specific to one task, I would probably have something to say about how it only excels in one area. But Umlaut’s plugins are so specialised that they go beyond being a one-trick-pony. This is what happens when a product developer decides not to try and nod in several directions but instead focuses on exactly what the instrument is meant to be delivering. In a market where products have to do absolutely everything to be considered competitive, there is something very refreshing about loading a virtual instrument and finding inspirational pad sounds that can be customised and tweaked enough to separate them from being a mere preset library, yet always remain useable."

Read the full review HERE.

Posted on:

August 19, 2022