Exploring a Cue: Harry Gregson-Williams

Using Umlaut Audio instruments to score in the style of Harry Gregson-Williams

In this video we take a look at how Umlaut Audio instruments can be used to create music in his style. We learn how these instruments are conducive in creating such rhythmic and evocative sounds as observed in the style of Harry Gregson-Williams.

We’re grateful to have worked with Harry to develop his own instruments & sounds.


Inspired by the intuitive workflow of Umlaut’s highly successful PADS instrument, MOTORS pushes the boundaries one step further by allowing a similar workflow to be applied to loop sounds. For those who already own PADS, the new instrument will feel comfortably familiar with many features and options being shared between the two. MOTORS has been designed to be incredibly intuitive and minimal, allowing users to go straight for the sounds they’re looking for and create thrilling pulses for any scores.

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August 19, 2022