As musicians, we want to say yes to all of our client’s demands, but overworking ourselves or working without the correct precautions in place, can cause a huge toll on our bodies and minds. Here are the top 5 injuries that composers suffer from…

5 Peering at all those little MIDI notes can cause havoc with your eyes, and ultimately lead to headaches and other health problems. Follow recommended advice about working with large displays in a well lit studio, with low contrast and glare. 

4 It’s often not physical health, but mental health problems that musicians suffer from. Days and months spent working alone on a masterpiece can lead to isolation, addiction, depression and a host of other mental illnesses. The industry is just coming around to this problem, so search online for support as the resources for help are growing every day.

3 Sitting at a computer for hours each day can cause posture problems along with back, neck and shoulder pain. Make sure your composing rig is set up correctly with a supportive chair, or try a standing desk for a more active work life. 

2 Carpal tunnel syndrome is a loss of feeling in the hand, usually caused by repetitive wrist movements. Anything from piano playing to simply using a mouse can cause this, so make sure your wrists are supported.

1  Anyone working in louder than average environments can develop Tinnitus - a noise or ringing in the ear signifying an underlying problem like injury or hearing loss. Make sure to use ear protection and practice healthy monitoring levels.

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August 19, 2022