Let’s be frank, we all use shortcuts to get our music out the door. Whether it's due to time or budget constraints, or simple laziness, sometimes you just do what you gotta do. Here are our top 5 timesaving cheats…

5 Most headline artists and composers have a dirty secret; there’s usually an assistant or two behind the scenes. Whether it’s simple template prep work or full blown ghostwriting, musicians have been getting help for years, so don’t be shy about doing the same.

4 Scale and chord apps are useful for inspiring interesting chord progressions and shapes. So if you’re stuck in a 1-4-5 rut, reach for products like Scaler and Instachord to save time and kickstart your creativity.

3 Spend any time on social media and you will have definitely seen ads for MIDI loop packages. Whether used for melodic passages or maybe percussion lines, dragging and dropping these pre-recorded MIDI parts can be a huge timesaver.

2 Using phrase libraries or sampled pre-recorded orchestrations is always a hot topic amongst composers. But with only so many hours in the day, subtle layering of real-world performances underneath your own music is a quick and easy way to increase realism and take a cue to the next level.

1 Artificial Intelligence is beginning to get to the point where it can be genuinely useful during the composing process. Some musicians will use these software tools as starting points and others to create variations of their existing music. Whichever way you look at it, the robot revolution is almost here!

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August 19, 2022