The bass rumbles, the studio logo's revealed, anticipation builds and then you hear that same trailer noise again. Here are our top 5 trailer track tropes…

5 At number 5, this one’s a relatively new phenomena in horror trailers but we’re noticing it more and more. It’s those intimate scratchy strings and Bartok pizzicatos. Currently quirky and spooky but they’ll soon be done to death. 

4 Cover versions of pop and rock songs are a trailer staple. A few years ago it was mostly navel-gazing acoustic versions. These days you’re just as likely to hear full on orchestral hybrid remixes of 90s classics. 

3 This used to be a thing in the 80s and then it wasn’t and now it is again. I’m talking about super aggressive sound effects that exactly match where the percussion hits should be in the music. Kinda predictable.

2 A single piano note is all most trailers think they need to do to say “This movie is super dramatic”. Actually it says “Our editor is super lazy”.

1 You knew it was coming and it’s not a surprise, yes it’s the big bad braaam. Many composers and trailer houses lay claim to being the first to invent it. We may never find the answer but all we do know, is that we’re sick of it.

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August 19, 2022