Life as a composer can be a tricky balancing act between holding your ground and pandering to fragile egos. There are many pitfalls along the way so try to avoid these top 5 ways to annoy your director…

5 Some directors just hand you the print and leave you to it. After all, that’s your job. So be careful not to ask too many detailed questions as you’ll regret it, ending up with far too specific requests.

4 On the flip side, a composer having loads of ideas can send directors spiralling into confusion and self-doubt. Offer 3 options at most, with one being so out-there that you’re expecting it to be rejected outright. 

3 Don’t rubbish the temp. Yes, we know it’s frustrating to receive an Oscar winning temp score when you’ve only got the budget for a kazoo, but you’ll be expected to deliver none the less, so suck it up and get creative.

2 Know what you’re expected to deliver and deliver it… on time. Most productions run a tight ship so don’t be the only one lagging behind.

1 Don’t blow the budget. Not only will the accountants come down on you hard, but the director won’t thank you for forcing belt-tightening in post production. You have been warned.

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August 19, 2022