Atmospheric & Rhythmic Instruments for Harry Gregson Williams

THe Problem

Harry had a large collection of custom sounds stored in the form of sustained sounds like pads, drones and textures. His original workflow was to drag the sounds from various folder in his DAW but he was looking for a more playable solution and having everything categorized in one place.

The Sounds

Sustained Sounds like Pads, Drones, Sound capes and Textures

The Solution

The Kontakt Instrument we created had the following features : 

  • 4 Layers of Sound Sources (to layer sounds or play them individually) on the first tab, each with waveform displays and immediate parameter controls, 
  • Sound Source Selection Window to load sounds hierarchically and display the hard drive folder structure
  • An Edit Window for additional deeper Sound source editing, FX Parameters and Controls on a second tab.

We also added a File Browser Selection window where each layer had a clickable sound source selector in a new window, sorted in categories.

We then added a knob to adjust sound source length/time and shorten or lengthen the playback. This helped fix time constraints such as compressing a 32 second drone or texture to fit 25 seconds

Harry needed to be able to make pulses from his pads/drones, so we added a filter section so he could create rhythmic patterns with ease. 

When we finished the project, we had edited and organized all the sound source files, and designed ready to use presets. We had also developed KSP scripts, GUI design and implemented our creations.

The INstrument

The Benefits

  • ‍All sounds playable & mapped chromatically on keyboard
  • Plugin portability on multiple systems/computers
  • Enhancing workflow without changing current one
  • Custom features & effects 
  • Quick Access to Go-To Sounds
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