Guitar Loop Instrument for Greg Burns

THe Problem

Greg was looking for a way to speed up how he recorded and arranged guitars. You can usually find him recording with a bank of pedals in front of him, playing guitar straight into logic. He needed a solution where he could mock up guitar loops (pulses and motors) really fast.

The Sounds

Guitar Loops

The Solution

Our idea for Greg’s instrument was to implement all his sounds into the muse looper 

Greg gave us a few different types of guitar loops to work with.

  • ‍Acoustic guitar loops
  • Electric guitar loops
  • Ebow type loops

We learnt that he liked to play two or more sounds at the same time to keep a pulse going (mix and match) for example, an electric guitar and acoustic guitar loop both play at once. So we decided to add two groups of single loops available at any given time. An octave of acoustic loops on the left, and an octave of electric guitar/ebow loops on the right. Each side would have two dropdown menus to pick loops for the side. We also added a key switch effect to the far right along with Half/Normal/Double keyswitches and a mod-wheel to do the reverse.

The INstrument

The Benefits

  • ‍Fast workflow
  • Mix and Match of Guitar sounds
  • Plugin portability on multiple systems/computers
  • Custom features and effects
  • Quick access to go to sounds

" I really had a great time getting my ideas and sounds into this wonderful new instrument designed entirely for me ! The process was very streamlined and I had no difficulty in the way that my ideas were implemented and delivered by Umlaut Audio. Great job! "

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