Looper Instrument for Inon Zur

THe Problem

Inon Zur had a large number of source sounds at his disposal. These included sounds he had recorded over the years as part of several session recordings, along with some that he had tried to design himself. He has looking for a way to organize and make use of these sounds in a straightforward manner within his music.

The Sounds

Motors, Loops & Tickers

The Solution

Inon Zur gave us his library of sounds and we had a team of sound designers work on them by developing them into a diverse set of motors, tickers and patterns that could be used together effectively. We also created a looper instrument that would be able to house the sounds and provide the essential set of FX and step sequencing abilities to transform the set of sounds. 

Steps included: 

  • ‍Denoising, time correcting, pitch correcting, dynamics correcting of all samples.
  • Creating sustained pads out of samples. 
  • Creating ‘melodic’ loops.
  • Creating ‘percussive’ loops.
  • Creating true one shots (one sample) and ‘round robin’ one shots from samples
  • Creating melodic one shots from samples

The INstrument

The Benefits

  • ‍Reimagined Sound Sources with Custom Sound Design
  • Playable solution for loops
  • Quick Access to Go-to Sounds

"I provided with them some rough recording of many samples I did on my own, and they have used it in a very creative and clever way. This allowed me to maximize the use of these homemade samples, and opened for me lots of new soundscapes that were derived from these samples. This worked out great and helped to create a very unique sounding score.”

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