uBEAT Hip-Hop

Modern hip-hop: Add booming vibes to any production

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Combining a traditional MIDI file library with an eight-pad drum machine-style instrument, uBEAT will kick-start your tracks in no time thanks to its intuitive workflow. Easily load MIDI loops along with their linked kits to get your productions flowing quick. Create endless variations of fresh loops by swapping out kits and their individual sounds. MIDI files can be dragged and dropped into your sequencer, letting you rework them for scorching beats all your own.

Get your creativity flowing and make your music stand out with this dynamic new drum loop library for Kontakt.


  • MIDI drag and drop functionality with a dedicated file browser for MIDI loops
  • Color-coded drum pads for easy visual grouping of sounds
  • Dedicated Mixer page for controlling routing, levels and panning for all sounds
  • Unique FX Chain setup with eight separate FX Chains, Global FX and Send FX
  • Conforms to NI’s Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) and has controller mappings for the most hands-on workflow while playing and editing beats on NKS devices
  • Built-in help view for quick reference of instrument features

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