Pricing to suit your needs

Our pricing is suited to fit your needs and is always a factor of quantity, exclusivity and customization.

Our price range depends on the scope of your project. Starting from $500, we offer packages to accomodate a project of nearly any scale.

Service Based Pricing

Playable instrument Solutions

Pick from any of our existing templates and we will implement your sounds within the instrument.

Starts at $199

Customized Kontakt Instruments

Start with a blank slate and customize your own instrument from scratch, tailored to your specific needs.

Starts at $899

Custom Sound Design

Let our team get creative with custom sounds for your project. We can provide audiofiles or a custom solution.

Starts at $399


Custom Sound Design

we offer 3 Tiers of exclusivity for our Sound Design service



Choose from a number of sounds and template instruments within our existing library that match your requirements for the project. However, we retain the rights to sell the same sounds and instrument templates in different combinations to other clients.

Best Suited For :

When exclusivity is not important to you, and you need a quick and low-cost solution created specifically for the needs of your current project.

Price Range : 

Our entry level option - Depending on the services rendered, pricing can be upwards of $500

Semi Exclusive


The sounds and instruments are custom made and tailored to your specific needs, and you can choose to have them exclusive for a certain period of time (example 6 months). Post this date, the sounds will be added to our non-exclusive library of sounds for us to resell or include within any of our other offerings.

Best Suited For :

When you are working on a new film, game or TV project, and you would like exclusivity to the sounds only till the release date of the production.

Price Range : 

Our Mid-range option - Depending on the services rendered, pricing can be upwards of $1000.


Yours to own, forever.

With our exclusive option, the sounds and instruments are custom made for you from scratch, and you will own full copyrights to the sounds and instruments forever.

Best Suited For :

When you want to retain your own unique sound, and want to keep your ideas and instruments private.

Price Range : 

Our most exclusive option - Depending on the services rendered, pricing can be upwards of $2500.

Pricing FAQ

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