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Link musical sections together with more than swells and whooshes

#dark #neutral #suspenseful #subtle #organic #warm

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Tidal is the first of our Musical Transitions Packs. A collection of pedals, drones and suspensions that have subtle cinematic evolutions of timbre and amplitude. The sound files are ready to be injected into your composition unaltered but can also be filtered, equalised and processed to create larger swells and whooshes without effort.

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  • Transition drones, suspensions and pedals with shifting timbre and amplitude
  • Subtle cinematic evolutions of timbre and amplitude
  • Use as is or create different musical gestures, e.g. via different volume envelopes
  • Mix and Match
  • 100 Sounds
  • Ability to Cut up, Re-order and layer elements
  • Drag and drop to your Daw


  • 100 Sounds
  • 1GB +
  • 24Bit 48KHZ
  • Wav files

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